AT&T Subscribers Will Have Five More Android Smartphone to Choose From

AT&T brings a new challenge for iPhone 4S, aligning at the start for the holiday season sales a new batch of Android smartphones. With the recent announcement of the upcoming Motorola Atrix 2, Samsung DoubleTime, Samsung Captivate Glide, Pantech Pocket and the AT&T Avail the Android range of smartphones has increased significantly. Now AT&T subscribers will have available 19 models to choose from, even though initially 12 were expected to hit the market.

Company officials declared on Tuesday “Committed to serving the growing number of Android fans, AT&T now provides more options for customers seeking the Android OS experience at a variety of price points, form factors and through unique services”.

The showpiece of the new line of Android smartphones is Motorola’s Atrix 2 described as “life of the party” but also having extreme power offered by its 1 GHz dual-core processor. Moreover, all for affordable prices, as the AT&T press release promises. The price tag of $99 could very well undermine newly released iPhone 4S.  Among the Atrix 2 specifications, users can find 4G HSPA+ connectivity, and a 4.3-inch display.

Samsung’s Captivate Glide is also expected to perform well due to its features. This smartphone tryes to applea to the users with its sliding Qwerty keyboard, 4-inch AMOLED display, 8MP camera and 1080 p video recording, all powerd by a 1 GHz processor. Double Time, also from Samsung, features a full flip keyboard and is nicer on the eyes with its white and pink color scheme. Pantech Pocket on the other hand is advertised as suitable for “customers focused on social entertainment and messaging”.

AT&T had a traditional allegiance with Apple since the release of first iPhone in 2007. At the beginning of this year, AT&T has lost the exclusivity as the rival Verizon came along for the iPhone deal.

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