Arrow Launcher Becomes Microsoft Official Android Launcher

We have some great news for Microsoft and Android fans, Arrow launcher is now out of beta. This means that Arrow is now the official Microsoft launcher. Android fans should be excited to hear this since the new launcher allows them to personalize their Android device with numerous icon packs, theme colors and wallpapers among other features.

Arrow Launcher Becomes Microsoft Launcher

Everybody was confused when Microsoft decided to release an Android launcher. Luckily, Microsoft brought the launcher out of the beta phase and it let the entire world know that from now on, Arrow is going to be known as the official Microsoft launcher.

Windows Phone

The reason why people were left so confused when they found that Microsoft is working on an Android launcher is because Microsoft has its own operating system. However, things are not going too well for Windows Phone and Microsoft is switching its focus on developing iOS and Android apps instead.

In fact, Joe Belfiore who is Microsoft’s own Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group has publicly stated that “windows phone is dead”. On the bright side though, at least Microsoft is doing the right thing by deciding to move on from Windows Phone.

Key Features

The launcher is bundled with numerous features such as Bing integration, news feed, calendar information and so on. However, the most important feature that Arrow is equipped with is PC linking. Microsoft used the PC Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to introduce a new feature which gives users the ability to snap pictures on their phones and have it instantly uploaded on the Windows PC.

This feature gets even better since it also allows users to edit an Office 365 document on their PCs while linking their phone and uploading data at the same time.

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