Apple’s iTunes App Store now shows pricing in local currency in India

Apple has made a slight change for it iTunes App Store in India which will please quite a few Apple users from the country. The prices of all the various applications in the iTunes App Store are now displayed in INR currency after it was down for maintenance on Oct 25 between 12-7pm. This shows that Apple is taking some interest in the Indian market which may also help it grab some more attention from Indian consumers.

After all the markets and app stores letting the users choose their country and display the pricing and availability accordingly, Apple makes a late but significant move. This modification is done right before launching the much-criticized iPhone 5 and might change the attitude of our Indian mass towards this American company, opting to buy Apple products.

Apple after Jobs is seen moving very rapidly towards expansion in all horizons. May it be buying software companies or launching new machines, Apple is not thinking twice to beat its so-called competitors. We can only judge the difference after iPhone 5 is rolled out in the Indian market and look at the number of units sold (only if they’re true) as compared to the previous ones.

It might be soon that iPhone 5 will be launched (in India) and don’t be surprised if you might get an update the following day saying ‘a million units of iPhone 5 sold, company short of units to supply the demands.’ Let us hope for the best; for them and us too.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s iTunes App Store now shows pricing in local currency in India”

    1. No. The whole system remains the same. Just the prices of the applications on App store are displayed in Rs. instead of $.
      The price displayed is already converted into rupees according to the exchange rate with the US Dollar.

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