Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C coming to India this month

Well, the trusted guys over at BGR India report that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in India in October. This time around Apple had just announced the first wave of launch countries where these devices launched on September 20.

It seems that Apple is now preparing to launch the new iPhones in an extended list of second wave countries, and an announcement is likely to be made within a fortnight.

The website reports that the India launch was revealed during a high-level meeting with some of the big retail chains in the country, it was held earlier this week. At the same meeting, Apple also announced its plans to increase its presence in the top 50 towns of the country. There is no confirmation on the launch date, but October 25 is the supposed (rather rumored) launch date as revealed to the guys over at BGR India.

It is quite possible that the devices may indeed hit stores in India on October 25 as it is a week before the festival of Diwali, a festival known for its shopping spree. None of this is confirmed and we might receive further clarifications on the launch date in coming days.


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