Apple iPhone 5 India launch and pricing confirmed by its distribution partners

We all had that strong feeling that the Apple iPhone 5 (in India) launch is just around the corner, however we had no clue about its specifics until now. We read about Apple’s plans to distribute the iPhone 5 on its own rather than via carriers like Airtel and Aircel like it did in the past. The company had appointed Ingram Micro and Redington as its distribution partners for India.

Both distributors have revealed details regarding the launch of the Apple iPhone 5. First, Ingram Micro disclosed through a statement that the iPhone 5 will be available at leading modern trade and retail outlets across India starting Friday, November 2. However, it did not reveal any pricing details.

Later in the day Redington confirmed the official pricing for the Apple iPhone 5 in the Indian market. The basic 16GB version of the iPhone 5 will be priced at Rs. 45,500, the 32GB version will be priced at Rs. 52,500 and the 64GB version will be priced at Rs. 59,500. Both the black and white colored variants will be available in India. The launch seems to be just in time to rid you of your paycheck.

Word on the web is that Airtel and Aircel may also announce reverse subsidy plans for the Apple iPhone 5, just like they did for the iPhone 4S. As the launch of the new generation iPhone is just a few days away, will you be purchasing one or will you wait for other devices to arrive in the market and then make a decision?

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