Apple iPhone 4S Launching in India on November 24?

It is not very surprising for us as we were very confident that the iPhone 4S will be coming to the Indian market in the month of November. Well, it seems that we might be true as BGR India has reported that the official iPhone 4S launch for India will probably happen on November 24.

The guys also report that Airtel and Aircel would be carrying the smartphones and that they would be available from midnight of November 25. Also, there won’t much of a price drop as the 8GB iPhone 4 may not be priced under 30,000 INR while the 64GB iPhone 4S may go as high as 50,000 INR. Well, expensive indeed however, the carriers are trying to work something out and instead of reverse subsidly plans like we got with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S may actually get real subsidy plans from both the carriers. Personally, I think that there might be yet another carrier which may join the forces with Aircel and Airtel to carry the iPhone 4S, however right now I’m not very confident to point the fingers.

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