Android climbs over iPhone and Research In Motion Market Share

Google’s Android is one of the most used operating system in today’s smartphones. The operating system has made friends with some of the greatest manufacturers and has some great offerings which make it a great alternative to iOS devices.

A recent report by Nielsen Company shows Google’s U.S. market share on a constant rise with Android hitting 32 percent of new purchases in August 2010. While Apple’s iOS drops to 25 percent and Research In Motion is at 26 percent. According to Nielsen, in terms of the complete market share Apple seems to be steady but has a slight drop from 26 percent in Jan 2010 to 25 percent in Aug 2010. RIM’s BlackBerry OS has dropped from 36 percent to 31 percent and Android has climbed from 8 percent in January to 19 percent in August.

RIM as well as Apple seem relatively powerless to stop Google rapidly improving growth. We know that RIM has a few BlackBerry smartphones coming their way, but I don’t see how effective would they be against upcoming Android devices, as with the arrival of the recently announced Droid Pro, the mobile operating system has confirmed its entry into the enterprise category. While, if Apple wants to compete with Google’s growth it is very obvious that they will have to stop making love with AT&T.

Anyways there is another competitor, Microsoft which will soon make an appearance and very soon we will get to see how great will Windows Phone 7 perform for the consumers.

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