5 Reasons Why Nokia Lumia 920 Outdoes iPhone 5

So yes all the hype of the iPhone’s latest version (yes, the iPhone 5) has left all of us with consequential, intense cell phone related analytical skills. All of a sudden everything we have known about the smartphones that were right there in our pockets the entire time have taken on a completely different meaning and entailed a different understanding. In short, now we have a million phones to compare with the iPhone 5 and judge the Apple as well as the heavyweight contenders other then the iOS platform.

More scandalously enough, Android is definitely not the only platform that the iPhone 5 is taking a beating from. The folks over at Nokia have released 9 reasons why their flagship Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows Phone 8 based device, is better than the Apple flagship device. Well, to each their own, right? That is exactly what Apple fans are harping on about (as well as the ever present so called solace from cell phone spyware and keylogger related malware attacks) but for the rest of you, here are 5 things that Nokia, biases aside, actually got right.

  • Screen. The iPhone 5 hype has been all about size and display upon first hearing of it. But of course, many other sets have already been offering bigger sized displays. Nokia Lumia 920 happens to be one of them. The Lumia boasts a 4.5 inch huge PureMotion HD with a WXGA IPS LCD and a ClearBack display. What does the iPhone 5 have? A 4 inch Retina Display. If we bring the matter down to pixels then the Lumia has a resolution of 1280×768 pixels whereas iPhone 5 has 1126×640 pixels. You can do the math.
  • Design. One of the main criticisms that iPhone 5 is faced with is that the design is a dud. All one really got was an additional row of icons on the homepage to twiddle with and the rest were all disappointing tweaks here and there. The Nokia Lumia 920 on the other hand is more colorful outwardly and offers tiles customization so you can change up your look to your taste.
  • Camera. You can’t really have a snazzy smartphone without a snazzy camera. Although the iPhone has always been about style and trendiness, but a closer look at the camera of both phones tells a different story when it comes to quality. The Nokia Lumia 920 has an 8.7 megapixel rear PureView camera whereas the iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel camera. This may not seem like a big difference but when we look at the fact that the Lumia has Carl Zeiss optics, stabilization mode, as well as a 1.2 megapixel front camera, the new improvements in the iPhone 5 such as noise reduction, low-light performance, and quick photo snapping don’t seem to amount to much.
  • Wireless Charging. With the Nokia Lumia 920,you do not need a charging wire to charge your phone. Instead, you place the phone on a special charging pod and voila. Now this may seem a bit too much for now but the future looks tangle free for Nokia fans.
  • The UI. Now before you feel incensed over anyone tainting the super easy to use user interface of iPhone series, we need to consider the surface area of the phones too. Apple offers a great touch sensitive screen but the Nokia PureView is the king of sensitive, if we may. The Nokia PureView’s screen feels everything you do including fingertips, fingernails, gloves, and just about anything we can call a pen. Now your personal preferences may dictate this as an annoying feature but hey, you can’t deny that Nokia has the technology and Apple doesn’t.

There are other reasons that Nokia quotes to win the battle of mobile phone wits but most of them may or may not seem to be genuine reasons to call one phone better than the other. But as far as the question of advancement in the phone technology goes, you have to hand it to Nokia, the Apple needed to really roll out the goods to tackle phones like these already hitting the market.

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9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Nokia Lumia 920 Outdoes iPhone 5”

  1. The iPhone 5 hype has been all about size and display upon first hearing of it.Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. I’ve had the iPhone 3G,3GS,4 and 4S but am now eagerly awaiting the Nokia 920 to make the switch. A primary use case for my phone is as a gps, with the 4.5″ screen on the 920 being a winner. I also use it attached to my motorcycle, so the ability to tap in a new location with gloves on will certainly be a win (all while stationary and parked obviously). The image stabilisation in the 920 looks to be fabulous and the F2.0 lens will make lower light photography possible, great for kids birthday parties. I also really like the look on Windows Phone 8, with live tiles seem a good fit for a 4.5″ phone sized device, being able to see information at a glance without having to open an app will be a real win. Built in Nokia maps that are able to be locally cached, with turn by turn directions and maps that don’t look horrible here in Australia (look up Adelaide on an iPhone with Apples new maps app if you’d like to see an example of the new maps looking pretty ugly, no 3D buildings here). Wireless charging also a bonus, as is the NFC feature, which will become more useful over time. The only worry I have is the app store quality, which will no doubt be a bit scarcely populated to begin with. I also really like the airplay feature to my appleTV, however I still have my iPad to use with that, so won’t completely be outside the IOSphere. All in all I think Nokia have made quite a compelling argument to this long time iPhone fan to switch camps. Great there is now another viable choice out there.

  3. Yeah Nokia, 5 reasons your Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone, but where is the Lumia 920? At least Apple has pricing and release dates the same day it’s announced. We’re lucky if anyone gets it by the end of this year. Less talk, more release action.

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