Google Play seller support expands in India, allows devs to sale apps and users to buy apps in Rupees

Not long ago did Google allowed Indian developers to sell apps on its Google Play Store, however the company later changed its mind and stopped the support just a few days later. It seems that the company had some other plans, as it has changed its mid and brought Google Play seller support for Indian developers.

This means that developers from India will be able to sell paid apps in the Google Play Store and more importantly they will be able to sell them in the local currency – Rupees. Developers can leverage paid apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions and Google will make monthly payouts to their bank accounts.

To get started developers need to sign-up to the developer console and create a Google checkout merchant account. If you are a developer with an existing free app on the Play Store you will be able to monetize it by adding in-app purchases or subscriptions.

If a report on is to be believed (and hopefully it should be true), then Google is also looking forward to solve the currency issue where end-consumers always end up paying in a different currency regardless of what it shows on the Google Play Store. This will go in action from October 25.

Google will enforce ‘Buyers Currencies’ in the Indian Play Store which will allow customers to pay for their apps in Indian Rupees and not in the currency chosen by the developer. Developers have up till October 25 to set the INR prices for their apps, if failed to do so, Google will automatically assign INR pricing to their apps every month.

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