Apple’s New Late 2014 Mac Mini is a Great Upgrade, But Has a Big Problem

This year, Apple has finally decided to upgrade the Mac Mini and many have been glad to see the tiny yet powerful machine receive a much needed update. However, it comes with a problem that might seem quite annoying for some Apple fans.

Apple has updated the Mac mini on October 16, adding Haswell processors, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, PCIe-based flash storage in some models, and Thunderbolt 2 to the new generation of products, with prices starting at $499.

The Mac mini’s 2014 update did not bring any design changes, having the same 1.4-inch thin 7.7-inch wide aluminum unibody enclosure since 2011. But its design is not the problem here.

late 2014 mac mini

A recent teardown of the 2014 Mac mini revealed that the RAM is soldered and thus not user replaceable. Also, while the hard drive is accessible, is very difficult to replace. This the same situation with the cheap 2014 version of the iMac, which doesn’t allow the RAM to be upgraded.

So, what this means is that those who purchase Mac minis are limited to 16GB of RAM; and while this isn’t that low, the problem is that it must be acquired directly from Apple when purchasing the machine.

What Apple has done is clearly going to profit them, but won’t benefit the customer. So, in the end, you will get a product with a shortened life span.

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