Old Wave Bada-based Samsung Smartphones Get Android Build, Download it Now

Some of you might recall and others might now, but before Tizen, Samsung tried to fend off Android and reduce its dependency on Google’s mobile operating system with Bada.

Back in, June 2012, Samsung said it will merge Bada into the Tizen project and since then, we haven’t been hearing too much about it. What we know is that all Bada-powered devices are branded under the Wave name and that in February 2013, Samsung announced that it will stop developing Bada.

Obviously, there aren’t too many out there who own a Bada-powered smartphone, but those who do probably are wondering what to do with their device. And now a solution has appeared in the form of an Android build. Here’s what the guys from XDA-Developers have been saying:

install android on bada smartphone

“Running Android on a device that was never supposed to support the OS is quite a challenge. But even when you’ve got that part working, those last ten percent is often the most challenging. This has been exactly the case for the BadaDroid project, which aims to bring Android to Bada (a lesser known OS released by Samsung for their Wave series, for which development stopped in 2013 after it was replaced by its successor, Tizen). We’ve actually seen the project develop slowly over the last two years, and it’s always great to see it progressing further.

OmniROM is the latest member of the family of ROMs available for the Wave and Wave II, and it’s also the most usable to date, brought to you by XDA Recognized Developer volk204. In fact, it’s fully usable as a daily build without any major issues (the last major problem, which caused the device to overheat while charging, was fixed in the most recent build). ”

So, go ahead and follow this thread to get instructions on how to bring Android Kitkat 4.4.4 to your Bada-powered smartphone. Leave your comment below and let us know it worked out for you.

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