6th Generation iPod Touch: a Release DOESN’T Really Make Sense

I don’t know about you, but I’m still hoping that a 6th generation iPod Touch won’t be perceived as a mad idea by the folks over at Apple, even if the Apple Watch is on its way. I’m a big music lover, and I don’t care too much for other features, and that’s why I’d still buy a new iPod Touch. But reality could prove to be different…

A few days back, we talked about the fact that Apple might share some of its plans regarding the 6th-generation iPod Touch at a certain point in early 2015. However, we’re now pondering on the idea if this actually makes sense.

But as we put more things together and get the big picture in place, it’s almost clear that there are slim chances for Apple to release it. Maybe that’s why Tim Cook has talked about the iPod classic, explaining that they weren’t able to keep making it because the internal components weren’t available.

Apple no longer had access to the components necessary to build the 160GB iPod classic, which is explained by the fact that manufacturers no longer perceived it as a highly yielding product. Of course, it’s not yet the case with a potential new iPod, but there are many reasons why a release doesn’t make sense.

ipod touch 6 release

First of all, if Apple indeed decides to continue building the 6th-generation iPod, then who will buy it when compared with the Apple Watch? Of course, it will be much cheaper and will be destined for music purposes, but its shape and design will put it in direct fight with the Apple Watch.

Besides getting ready for the launch of its smartwatch, Apple is currently focusing on maintaining the stock for the newest iPhones and iPads and maybe secretly working on the iPad Pro, as well. And its MAC division has also seen nice sales, so why focus on a dying product?

If the company does indeed release it, then it will be a minor upgrade most likely. Or, who knows, maybe Apple could equip it with Apple Pay, deploy a fingerprint reader and make it available in a luring color…

But my personal opinion is that there won’t be one, so I suggest you to get over it.

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