UC Browser for Android Gets Huge Update Inspired by Android Lollipop Design, Download Now

Here at GigJets we love covering important Android updates, such as this recent one with the UC Browser. So, if you are looking for a great browser to have on your Android smartphones and tablets, perhaps this is the one you were looking for.

UC Browser’s Android app has received its biggest update this year, as massive changes were madee to the browser’s UI
and UX, which have been mostly inspired by the Android Lollipop’s more minimalist design aesthetics. UC Browser for Android has thus been bumped to version 10.0. Here’s what UC Browser recently said about this:

“India’s number one mobile browser with over 36% market share, released two major updates today, UC Browser 10.0 for Android and UC Browser Mini 9.5 for Android. Both updates bring fundamental changes to the browsers’ overall look and feel inspired by Android 5.0 Lollipop’s design aesthetics. On both UC Browser 10.0 for Android and UC Browser Mini 9.5, you can expect beautifully redesigned pages and enhanced user experience that’s a perfect combination of simplicity and utility.”

uc browser android

UC Browser 10.0 for Android bring users a fresh browsing experience that you’ll soon be able to get on your own Android smartphone or tablet. A fresh and more stylish Navigation Page has been made available and the overall user interactive experience has been improved, as well.

Also, the new Tab Management feature makes tab switching easy, and it comes with a new animation effect. The Menu has been relocated to the right side, while the Home button is now placed in the center.

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