Vine App for iPhone, iPad Updated With New Features Focusing on Enhanced Discovery

Vine is being used by millions of iPhone and iPad users all over the world, that’s why every new update matters a lot. This time, the latest version has been focusing on helping users discover video content much easier.

Vine said that the latest release is packed with updates that help users find great Vines to watch and take advantage of iOS 8 extensions. Also, the Vine app has been improved for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, as well.

Here are some new features that have been brought:

vine ios app

-Follow channels: Tap the new “+” button at the top of any Vine channel to get select featured posts from that channel right in your home feed!
– Share extension: With the new iOS 8 share extension, it’s easier than ever to share videos directly from your camera roll or other video apps with Vine.
– Easy on the eyes: We’ve also updated the app to look great on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

You can go ahead and download the free app from iTunes. Despite the good rating that this version has, some users are complaining about various glitches:

“I  love vine and I’ve had it ever since it came out. But this new update is glitchy for me anyways. Every time I go to post something, it won’t let me. It’ll automatically take me back to my home screen. Same if I try to comment on something. Idk if it’s just my phone or vine idk.”

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