Latest Fire OS 4.1.1 Update Rolled Out to Some Amazon Tablets, Improves Battery Life

A few days back we reported that Amazon was bringing the Fire OS 4 update to 3rd-generation 2013 Kindle Fire tablets and now we’re hearing reports of an even newer version. BetaNews informs that the operating system has been updated, but just for select tablets.

Amazon version 4.1.1 of Fire OS and it seems that the update isn’t available yet for the 2013 models, as the company is focusing on updating its newest products. But most likely, the previous-generation tablets will soon be updated, as well.

Let’s have a look at what new features this update brings to the tablet:

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fire os 4.1.1 update

Profiles allows each family member to have their own account, including email, social media accounts, videos and game levels. However, right now, this feature is available to those in the US, UK and Germany. Still, it’s a nice feature and it’s great to see it being delivered.

It’s now possible to view, edit and create Office documents for free by using WPS Office. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and integrates with Cloud Drive.There’s also a new weather app, full screen mode for apps and games, and device settings backup for wireless settings, email, bookmarks and more.

The latest Fire OS Update is coming with a new “Smart Suspend”, which was introduced in 4.0, and is being improved. It will turn wireless off when the device isn’t active, but it becomes usable once again as you resume work on it. There are some other minor software improvements that are making better the battery management.

Without a doubt, the biggest new features is the longer battery life, so make sure you update to the latest Fire OS update as soon as you’ll get it. Leave your comment below and let us know of other new features you might have spotted.

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