Why Microsoft Should Release ASAP the 8-inch Surface Mini

There’s been a lot of talk recently related to the upcoming release of the Surface Mini, with most of it being just vaporware. While we don’t have any new strong news to share with you, here’s why we believe Microsoft should release soon the Surface Mini.

Microsoft has released its financial report for the fist fiscal quarter of 2015, announcing some interesting things. First of all, the company has made almost $5 more billion on revenue, but what concerns us are sales of the Surface line. It seems that for the first time, the company is finally making money.

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Surface revenue was at $908 million this quarter, which is up by a massive 127 percent from the $400 million this time last year. Also, it is the first time when the Surface gross margin was positive this quarter. In other words, this means that Microsoft finally starts making money on Surface sales.

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This is mainly thanks to this year’s Surface Pro 3 which had some considerable improvements over the second-generation product. Now, to get back to my idea. It’s the perfect time for Microsoft to release the Surface Mini now because sales are up and consumers are perceiving the Surface line as strong competition to the iPad.

However, the Surface Pro 3 is pretty expensive, with the cheapest version being price at $799, which is more expensive by $300 than the cheapest iPad. But it’s worth taking into account that the Surface Pro 3 is a real laptop replacement, which the iPad isn’t.

But with the Surface Mini, Microsoft could approach a different strategy. They could release it at a good price to compete directly with the iPad Mini. This year’s generation has seen modest updates, so the Surface Mini could be a winner if it comes with the right specs.

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