Skype App for Windows Phone 8.1 Updated with Drawing, Faster App Resume Time and More

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices, bringing a bunch of improvements and new features that you’ll definitely find useful.

First of all, the app now includes HD screen support for handsets with high-quality displays, which has been a long overdue feature and it’s nice to see it make it on the latest version of Skype for Windows Phone.

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The new version of Skype also enhances the experience that users get when running the VoIP client on their handset. Skype for Windows Phone also comes with a completely new drawing app allowing users to draw a picture in a conversation window and send it to your contacts.

skype app windows phone update

You can also edit the existing pictures or annotate a Bing map on touchscreen devices. The new Skype application also brings a bunch of other minor improvements that haven’t been detailed in the update.

Skype for Windows Phone now comes with faster app resume time and sign-in improvements have also been implemented for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets. It’s now possible to log in automatically with your Microsoft account.

Finally, there’s support for Skype account, which means you no longer have to log in with your Microsoft account to chat with friends and family. Go ahead and download the latest version for Windows Phone devices.

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