Could Jolla 2 be Released this Fall Along with Major Sailfish OS Update?

By now you already know that here at GigJets we love new mobile operating systems and among them, of course, we find Jolla and its Sailfish OS. The official release date for the second-generation Jolla Sailfish OS, the Jolla 2, is currently unknown, but what’s sure is that the company is working on it.

In a previous interview, the CEO of the company has confirmed to a Finnish publication that they are indeed working on the Jolla 2, but that was somewhere in February, this year. Since then, we’ve had no updates on this.

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Jolla has already expanded into India, as well, and now there are quite a few countries from where you can buy it. However, soon, in the middle of November, the concept will make 1 year since it has been launched, so we wonder wether a Jolla 2 could become real.

jolla sailfish os smartphone

Obviously, such a small company like Jolla is still focused in increasing its number of partners in order to make the device widely available, but this doesn’t mean they are not able to work on second-generation Jolla, as well.

Also, the latest Sailfish OS update was released this September, so maybe Jolla 2 could get released with a revamped software, as well.

However, more recently, in an interview with Marc Dillon said that the upcoming Jolla 2 Sailfish OS flagship will come at a certain point in 2015, but we won’t say no to a surprise, right?

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