[Video] Review of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for Windows 8, Windows Phone

Electronics Arts has released at the beginning of this fall the official FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on the Windows Store, making it available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone users. We now take a look at the review of the game and how it behaves.

fifa 15 ultimate team windows 8 windows phone

The official FIFA 15: Ultimate Team app from the Windows Store, which can be downloaded and installed on Windows 8 and 8.1 will also work on Windows 10 devices in the future.

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This version of the game has been made with mobile devices in mind, but it can also be easily played with your keyboard and mouse, and as you’ll see in the videos from below, this is exactly how I’m playing it.

The graphics are just like on other mobile devices, so if you’ve played the game on Android, iOS or Windows Phone, this is just about the same. However, there are glitches, don’t you worry.

To read the entire review of the game and also to get more screenshots, read the entire story on Wind8Apps.com.

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