IYMI: Netflix App for iPhone, iPad Gets Improved Integration with Chromecast and More

It’s been a while since the official Netflix application for iPad and iPhone has been updated, but we thought to remind you of the latest features, just in case you haven’t updated for a long while.

The latest version of the iOS Netflix app for iPhone and iPad brings an improved integration with Chromecast. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad and a Chromecast, as well, it’s now easier to use these together.

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Also, a new “Post-play” experience has been included, so that you can easily continue watching at the end of TV episodes. What’s special about this update is that it seems it has been a direct effect of several complaints coming from users. Here’s what they have been saying:

netflix iphone ipad app update

“While I enjoy Netflix, in general. I absolutely hate their lack of concern with the chrome cast accessibility. The connectivity is absolutely atrocious. The video quality is great. But when you have to reconnect to your phone, (I.E. Unlock it and return to the app) after it’s inevitable autolock, there are many (way too many) times that it just does not connect. ”

“Leaving your playback on the TV continuing on, when you want it to stop, or pause, or whatever else you would like to do. There is no way to force the app to reconnect to what is playing on the chrome cast (your TV), therefore leaving you with only one of two options: kill the app, and/or kill your TV; sometimes both. Clearly, these are both ridiculous options for the 21st century.”

“Furthermore, once you have killed one of the two options, when you return to your video, you are never guaranteed to return to the exact location that you left it. For a company with such means, this is an absolutely unacceptable oversight. Fix it.”

So, it’s nice to see that the update is here. What you think of it?

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