MyGlass App for Google Glass Updated with Android Notifications and More

There aren’t so many folks out there who own a Google Glass device, but those who do and also have another Android device, then probably have installed the MyGlass app from the Play Store.

With the MyGlass app for Android, you can set up, manage, and add new features to your Glass device. You need to know this will work only on Glass devices, so there’s no point in downloading it if you don’t have one.

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As per the latest version details, the application now comes with Notification Sync, which is the feature that lets you see Android phone notifications directly on Glass.

Thus, when viewing a phone notification on Glass, unlock your phone and you’ll be taken automatically to the app that sent the notification. How cool is that, right?

myglass google glass app android

Of course, a bunch of other unmentioned bug fixes have been released, as well, along with several other minor improvements. However, there are some users, such as the following who is complaining about the product. Here’s hwat he said on the official MyGlass app page:

“Glass is complete techno-turd. I’m too embarrassed to wear mine anymore. Never charged or connected when you need it. Now they add the potentially very useful Notification Sync feature (like Android Wear has)… BUT you have to disable it for your watch first. No thanks; my $150 Android Wear watch is far more useful and reliable than my $1600 Glass.”

What’s your experience so far with MyGlass? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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