Watch How Nokia Lumia 1020 Powers a 3D-printed Telescope

Nokia Lumia 1020 is one of the best Windows Phone devices one can buy at the moment. And Microsoft tries all that it can to promote it even more.

So, if you always wanted a powerful space telescope but didn’t afford one, you’ll probably find this interesting. The automated 3D-printed telescope that you will see in the video from below is entirely powered by the Nokia Lumia 1020.

It’s called Ultrascope, has one meter tall when assembled, with a base that measures 65 centimeters wide, being created by Open Space Agency founder James Parr. Here’s what Nokia said on its official blog:

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“Like many young stargazers, James Parr was ten years old when he first had fantasies of going to space. Thirty years later, the stars have aligned and James is finally realizing his dream. But not as you’d imagine. Working with Microsoft and the biggest names in space exploration, James has created the first ever 3D-printed automated robotic observatory.”

:nokia lumia 1020 3d telescope

James Parr also shared his input:

“We’re inspired that we live in an era where consumer technology now allows us to do things that were only exclusively available to professionals just a few years ago. Keen amateur astronomers can now download this design and software, 3D print and assemble their own hardware, which is an amazing development.

It opens up opportunities for people who have been gazing at the stars their whole lives, but haven’t, until now, been able to get involved. Powered by Lumia smartphones, our hope is that hundreds of Ultrascopes will be assembled, enabling a large number of people to contribute to new discoveries as they explore the night sky.”

The robotic telescope works is relying on the Nokia Lumia’s humongous 41-megapixels sensor for taking pictures. IT works like this – you need to have a Windows laptop that locates the ISS and forwards its location to Ultrascope’s Arduino shield to move its motors.

After that, the 1020 starts snapping images and sends them to the cloud for post-processing. Have a look at the video from below for more details on this.

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