Instagram iOS App Gets Updated for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Version is the Same

Instagram is used by millions of iPhone and iPad users across the world, probably being the most popular photo-editing app in the world. And with such a huge number of users, every update counts.

The latest version 6.1.3 has recently been updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so that the application looks ok on the new resolutions. So, if you have one of the new iPhones, then you can use Instagram with the peace of mind.

iphone ipad instagram app

This seems too be the only new feature that this version brings, as we don’t have any mentions of the usual bug squashes or minor improvements. By the looks of it, the iPad version has remained the same, since nothing has changed with the new iPads in matter of display resolution.

However, this versions seems to be affecting iPod users, here’s what one of them has bee saying:

“I’ve read multiple reviews to check if the glitches on my iPod 5 where just me. My iTunes likes to update automatically so I didn’t know it updated till I logged out and the start page was different. I as many others are having problem with audio.

The video plays but no audio comes, just a weird sound logo in the corner of the video. In till the bug is fixed I learned a solution to audio, if you click on the sound button in the top right corner of the video while its playing the audio will turn on for that video.

You’ll have to do it for every video of course but at least you get audio it’s just a little more difficult 🙁 I haven’t gotten to experience all the bugs but this by far is one of the worse to me so far. Hope this helped but please fix.”

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