This Year’s Build 2015 Dates Announced by Microsoft

Earlier this month, Microsoft has finally made available for preview the first technical build of Windows 10, trying to fix some of the errors and mistakes caused by Windows 8.

At the time, Microsoft said that more details will be disclosed at the upcoming Build 2015 conference, which is usually being held during the months of April or May on each year.

2015 build 2015 dates

Now, the official dates have went live and as you can see for yourself from the screenshot, this year’s Build 2015 dates set for April 29 – May 1st. This will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Just like it has done for the past few years, Microsoft will be holding the conference at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. Windows 10 is due to launch in mid-2015 and probably that’s what the event will focus on.

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