‘Fluster Cluck’ PlayStation 4 Release Set for Next Week, Price Unknown

LOOT Entertainment’s couch co-op game Fluster Cluck is getting ready for a release on the PlayStation 4 on the October 21, which is in early next week, on Tuesday. So, make sure that you are getting ready for the release properly.

If you are not sure what the game is about, this is a twin-stick shooter which puts players in the role of two chickens trying to ascend the ranks of a giant corporation, called Chikkin Koop. Players must gather resources by abducting cows, camels, zombies, and co-workers.

fluster cluck ps4 release date

As you advance through the corporate ladder, you will get new weapons, ships, and more equipment. The game is said to come with a great amount of fun, so this explains the buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4 release of the game.

Fluster Cluck will come with a single player campaign, co-op campaign, and local multiplayer, users being able to use the DualShock 4’s speaker, playing sounds of missiles, UFOs, and much more that are said to be very entertaining.

On October 21, Fluster Cluck will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network, but at the moment we don’t know the exact price of the game.

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