WhatsApp for Windows Phone to Get Updated with New Important Features

It’s been quite a while since the official WhatsApp Messenger app for Windows Phone has been updated. While the Android and iOS versions have been getting all the attention, Windows Phone has been slightly ignored.

But according to a recent report coming from WPCentral publication, an upcoming update is on the cards and will soon make its way into the official version of the app, so stay updated.

Through the beta program, the WhatsApp Messenger app for Windows Phone has been getting lots of updates in the last couple of weeks. The tweaks are available in the beta form, but will soon make it to the stable version, albeit we don’t know when exactly will that happen.

As part of the upcoming update, WhatsApp Messenger will allow users to send their location to another user of the application. Also, there’s now an Archive option where users can archive messages if they so please to do.

whatsapp windows phone

Other new features include individual backgrounds and Archive which are already included in the beta version. To activate this, you just need to tap and hold on a contact in the WhatsApp list and choose the “archive” option. Thus, all messages with that contact will be archived.

This is a really cool feature for those who chat a lot on WhatsApp and communicate important messages. By archiving them, you make sure you don’t lose them. And, whenever you want, you can un-archive them.

The photo editor has been improved with options to crop, rotate and to add captions to photos before sending them. It’s also possible to set a background for each of your contacts. Fonts will be smaller and tighter, which is a small improvement that will improve the readability especially on longer messages.

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