Opera Browser 25 Brings Major Visual Revamp, Download Now on Windows, Mac, Linux

The latest version of the Opera browser has reached version 25 with plenty new improvements, and you can go ahead and download it now on Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

The biggest new feature in the latest Opera browser is support for bookmarks, which provides thumbnail images for each site that’s bookmarked. A redesigned Start page and a built-in PDF viewer, among other smaller improvements, have made their way into this version.

Support for bookmarks has been one of the most requested features since Opera first debuted back in July 2013, and now it has finally been made available. Opera said the following on its official blog:

“When I think back on moments, I can see them. That’s my way to remember. It’s the same for how I find things on the internet. All those videos, pictures or songs that I’ve discovered are visual memories for me. Today, we introduce a new feature to Opera. A feature I’m personally very excited about. It’s bookmarks, but with a twist.”

download opera browser mac windows linux

Now, it’s possible to add bookmarks via the heart button to the right of the main Address bar. Once clicked, you can choose from multiple images and it’s also possible to file the bookmark directly into a new or existing folder.

Version 25 brings a built-in PDF viewer which is said to be lightweight and fast. Also, web notifications are now going to be delivered as normal Windows or Mac notifications. Support for H.264 video and MP3 audio has been included, as well.

There’s a huge number of other minor fixes and improvements and you can have a look at the official changelog to see them. Go ahead and follow these links to download Opera 25 for WindowsMac and Linux.

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