Jolla’s Sailfish OS Smartphone: How and Where to Buy

The mobile market is a crowded and aggressive business, but it seems that there’s room for newcomers such as Jolla’s Sailfish OS smartphone. Recently launched in India, the smartphone extends its availability.

The smarpthone maker has recently brought the Jolla Sailfish OS smartphone to folks form the Hong Kong, as well. Also, not so long ago, the company’s chief said that it has the potential to surpass Windows Phone in market share.

buy jolla sailfish os

So, if you have been following this company and its efforts for the past few months, you’re probably wonder how to buy one for yourself. Unfortunately, the device is available only a few countries for now, but the rollout will definitely expand in the future.

If you live in India, you can buy it from, which has signed an exclusive partnership with Jolla to bring the smartphone to Indian users. The smartphone is available for a price of Rs 16499, which is about $270.

If you live in Hong Kong, you can buy it from carrier Three HK for a price of HK$2,888 which is about $372, more expensive by $100 than the price for Indian customers.

The Jolla Sailfish OS smartphone is also available in Kazahstan where it’s said to carry a price tag in the range of €400 – €420, so we can see that’s even more expensive than what Hong Kong consumers are paying.

You can also get it in Italy and the European Union (Finland, Norway, Switzerland) for prices starting as low as $280 euros. It’s a real pity that the smartphone isn’t available on Amazon, as more customers would’ve been able to buy it.

As a reminder, Jolla’s first Sailfish OS smartphone comes with Live Multitasking, Android Capability, a Gesture Based Interface and no physical on screen buttons. It has a 16 GB Internal Memory, a 8 MP AF Camera With LED along with a 2 MP Front Camera one. It sports a 4.5 Inch qHD Display.

So, do you plan on getting this unusual device anytime soon?

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