Apple Focused on iPad Pro Production, iPad Mini 3 to Get Minor Improvements

Tomorrow is the big day when the new iPads are said to be released. Probably Apple is the single company in the world that manages to create such a huge buzz surrounding its products.

After recently launching the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is all set to impress its fans once more with the latest iterations of its iPad line. And, most likely, just as always, we’re going to witness incremental updates.

Point on Tablet

But the world hasn’t forgotten about the much-rumored iPad Pro, which is said to be Apple’s first tablet that will sport a bigger size than the usual ~10 inch size.

And despite the fact that it sounds crazy for Apple to release a 12.9 inch-sized iPad, we’re seeing more and more rumors, hearsay and leaks piling up by the day.

A recent one comes from DigiTimes publication which claims that TSMC will be the company responsible for making the A8X chips to be found inside the upcoming iPad Pro.

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The publication also notes that Apple is focusing on the iPad Pro launch, which is said to have been set for early 2015. And because of this, the iPad Mini 3, – or iPad Mini 2 with retina, if you want -, will have to suffer. This means that the tablet will get just minor improvements.

Apple recently unveiled the Apple Watch, showing that it’s ready and capable to ender a totally new segment for the company. Thus, if we follow this strategy, we realize that an iPad Pro doesn’t sound that crazy.

Apple has the original iPad size and the smaller iPad Mini; then why wouldn’t it go for a bigger version? After all, sales are decreasing fast, mainly fueled by the rise of cheap Android and even Windows tablets.

A bigger-sized iPad would appeal to professionals, such as doctors, architects, engineers, policeman, real estate agents and just anybody else who wants to have a much bigger screen.

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