The Crew Release Date Pushed Back to December 2nd for PS4, Xbox One, 360 and PC

Racing games are quite popular, and if you enjoy racing and open world environments, then you are probably familiar with the video game called The Crew. The Crew is a racing video game set in a open world and persistent environment.

The location is set in United States, and the open world is so large that it will take you 90 minutes to drive from one coast to another. The Crew features both single player and multiplayer modes, but in order to play the game you’ll need constant internet connection.

The Crew release date

Regarding the multiplayer, up to eight players can compete in races and other game modes. Despite its open vast open world, The Crew doesn’t have loading screens, so you’ll transit from open world to a race seamlessly.

We have to admit that The Crew sounds amazing with all these features, but sadly its release date has been delayed.

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According to the official blog post from Ubisoft’s senior communications manager, Gary Steinman, teams Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections decided to delay the launch until December 2nd.

The reason for the delay is that developers want to perform one more closed beta test in order to improve the game.

According to the Creative Director Julian Gerighty they have received a lot of valuable information from recent PC and console betas, and now the development team is processing the feedback in order to make The Crew one of the best open-world racing experiences.

On the bright side, with this delay we’ll get some new features in the game which include removable heads-up display, better collision mechanics, and improved visuals.

The Crew already had several beta tests that took place in July, August, and September and these beta test provided valuable feedback that helped developers to discover and fix several technical bugs. As for upcoming beta test, it will be available only to console gamers and it should take place some time in November.

The Crew sounds like an amazing game, and we should see this game available on December 2nd for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  1. Hopefully they pushed it back so they don’t have the server issues. Learn lessons from other companies.. online driven games require heavy server work so get it right before launch.

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