OnePlus One Won’t Have a Windows Phone Version

OnePlus plans to release its OnePlus One smartphone by the end of the year and enter one of the worlds biggest markets. OnePlus One will be available in India from December and according to the company it’ll be rolling out invites for a pre-order scheme very soon.

In an interview with The Economic Times, OnePlus’ Global Director, Carl Pei revealed the device would be available for the price of around $325 in the country, but this price might not be final.

oneplus one windows phone

And Pei’s interview with The Economic Times caused some confusion over the internet lately. The site reported OnePlus is possibly looking for a deal with Microsoft, in order to produce a Windows Phones smartphone.

But they also revealed that it wasn’t clear whether Pei meant there would be a Windows Phone version of the OnePlus One, or the company will build an entirely new device powered by Microsoft’s OS.

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After that debatable interview Carl Pei has spoken to The Economic Times again and clarified the misunderstanding. A spokesperson for OnePlus said:

“Carl Pei was speaking to the fact that we are open to choice for our users and had even at one point spoken with Microsoft about perhaps having Windows as a choice for install on the One. We have no plans to make a Windows phone.”

So everything is clear now. OnePlus doesn’t want to get involved with the Windows Phone operating system, at least not for now. But besides the discussion about the Windows Phone, the interview also revealed a couple of other interesting things, especially regarding the OS which will power the future OnePlus devices.

Pei revealed that OnePlus has its own development team working on some improvements and fixes. He also said that the development team are working on a light version of Android and the company may give up from CyanogenMod with the OnePlus Two and other future devices.

Speaking of the India release of the phone, Pei revealed that the 64GB will be available first, and the 16GB version will follow later, probably in the early 2015. OnePlus will also open an office in India, in order to provide valid customer service for the users in the country.

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