Why I’ll Buy the OnePlus One 2, And Why You SHOULD do the Same

The OnePlus One is still regarded as a novel entry in the smartphone race, but it has already managed to generate huge buzz around, with millions of would-be owners looking to pre-order one.

I am definitely looking forward to buying the second-generation of the OnePlus One, as the company has recently confirmed that there is going to be indeed one. And here are the reasons why I’m going to do that.

one plus one

First of all, it’s almost a rule that everytime a company launches a new product in a new category, you are advised to wait for the second-generation. The same goes for the recently launched Apple Watch.

The reason is very simple – no matter how good the device is going to be, there are bound to be various glitches and miscalculations which will result in a product that obviously won’t be flawless.

And with the second-generation, the eventual problems could be taken care of.

Another reason why I’m going to buy the upcoming OnePlus One 2  is, obviously, its price. And considering that this year it had amazing specs starting at $299, imagine how it’s going to look like in 2015.

Also, until the OnePlus One 2 launches (at the moment there isn’t an exact release date set, but some suggest it could happen in early 2015), I will have plenty of time to observe how the device performs with the current owners.

Thus, I will be able to see whether it manages to maintain the good impression or if folks will be disappointed. What about you – is the OnePlus One 2 in your to-buy list?

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