Honeywell’s Smart Thermostat Comes to UK Buyers

Honeywell decided to heat the things up (or cool the things down, it’s up to you) in the UK. They’re going to do that with the help from their brand new, voice-recognizing thermostat, which is going to be the UK’s rival to Google Nest and the first voice-controlled thermostat from this country.

The new, advanced technology allows users to adjust temperature in the room simply by talking with the device. You’ll ‘catch it’s attention’ by saying ‘Hello thermostat’, and then you can command it tom make the temperature higher or lower. After the installation.


“Most people know the feeling of coming through the front door with arms full of shopping bags, keys and small children only to find that their house is way too cold,” said Jeremy Peterson, GM of Honeywell’s EMEA Home Comfort & Energy Systems Division.

“Now people can simply speak to their thermostat and it responds by changing their heating relevant to how they feel,” he added.

Another great feature of this thermostat is the the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app, which allows you to remote connect with your Android or iPhone device.

So you can adjust the temperature in your house, even when you’re not home.

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This platform learns via crowd sourcing, so it will become smarter and get the additional commands over time, because of the interactions with users and their wishes.

The Honeywell voice-controlled thermostat costs from £229 and is available to order within the UK via the Honeywell Installer Network.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Google is working on integrating Google Now into Google Nest devices, including its smart, voice-controlled thermostat, which changes the temperature in the room by your command.

In order to that, a bunch of hacks that allow Android users to  command the Nest app through Google Now in order to change the temperature in their houses have appeared online.

Along with its smart thermostat, Honeywell also recently released  a Nest-like thermostat called Single Zone, which allows users to control the heating in their homes with their handsets.

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