Surface Mini Said to be Released Just in Time for Christmas

Microsoft has recently confirmed that it will remain ‘loyal’ to the tablet business, which means we are going to see the Surface line of slates live in the coming years, so stay assured.

The company has recently even signed a huge, multi-million partnership deal with the NFL in order to make sure their tablets get enough eyeballs. So, we can see that Redmond is quite serious about its tablet plans.

surface mini release date

There’s an elusive product that many Microsoft fans have been looking forward to seeing released – the Surface Mini. The tablet was previously said to launch alongside Surface Pro 3 in August but this didn’t happen.

Now, new rumors are emerging, suggesting that Surface Mini could get released just before Christmas. A recent tweet from TK Tech News says that Microsoft will also release the Surface 3, but that is highly unlikely.

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And the reason is simple – Microsoft has already announced Windows 10, so there’s no point in going forward with Windows RT, which will eventually get unified along with Windows Phone.

But you can never now what is Microsoft planning.

As for the Surface Mini, the tablet is said to sport an 8 inch screen, which will obviously make it thinner and lighter than its bigger brothers. The product would be a direct rival for the iPad Mini, as well as for the huge number of Android tablets of that size.

However, Microsoft might want to wait until Windows 10 is completely deployed and then it will come up with a scaled down version of the operating system for the Surface Mini, but that’s just my guess.

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