Latest Nintendo 3DS Software Update Brings Home Screen Themes

You can put as many games or apps on your Nintendo 3DS home screen as you want to, but the interface wasn’t on the acceptable level of cosmetic customization. In order to make the 3DS a little bit more personal, Nintendo decided to launch a variety of custom home screen themes featuring their signature characters, such as Link, Mario, etc.


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After you download the latest system update for 3DS, you’ll be able to enter the new Theme Shop, and download five free home screen themes, that will change your background in red, blue, yellow, pink or black.

Besides free themes, there are also premium themes featuring Mario, Mighty Mushrooms, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Premium themes are available for the price of $2.

Whenever you decide to cheer up your blank 3DS background with some Mario motives or Link wandering the Hyrule kingdom, the new set of themes will definitely add some personality to the system, which was requested and anticipated by users.

It looks like this fall is going to be very successful for Nintendo and 3DS console. Besides the new themes, Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and sold 2.8 million copies of it worldwide.

The next major releases for the console will be role-playing game Fantasy Live, which will come in October, and the highly anticipated and much awaited duo of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which will be released in November.

Players are very excited about the new Pokemon release, because it will introduce some new features to the game.

While all 3DS players are enjoying in the new look of their device’s system software, gamers from Japan will get a completely refreshed system by the end of the month, called the New Nintendo 3DS.

These new 3DS consoles will feature some additional buttons and a more powerful processor, but Nintendo still didn’t reveal when the device will become available in the US and Europe.

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