Next Generation Bugatti Veyron to be Lighter With a 25 Percent Stronger Engine 

Bugatti Veyron needs no introduction whatsoever, being one of the most desired cars of all times. However, this exclusivity comes at an unbelievable price and very few can afford it. Here are some details about the upcoming model.

next bugatti veyron

According to a recent story ran by the Bloomberg publication, Volkswagen won’t stop producing the luxury sports car, and the upcoming next-generation Bugatti Veyron is expected to come with a set of nice improvements.

Source close to VW’s plans said that the next generation Bugatti Veyron will be lighter and it could feature an engine as much as 25 percent stronger than the 1,200-horsepower motor of the current model. And we’re talking about the most powerful version, not the average one.

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One of VW’s concepts includes an electric motor to boost power and lower emissions, as well, but it’s pretty hard to assume that this will happen. But if we take into account that Lamborghini has done it, as well, then maybe it isn’t such a big surprise.

VW officials said that the new model would be unveiled at the end of next year or early 2016 and will be “art.”

But despite what many are thinking, VW isn’t making any money with the Bugatti Veryron, as it’s more of a product for the image of the company.

Max Warburton, a Singapore-based analyst for Sanford Bernstein Ltd, says that the cost of developing the Veyron could cost Volkswagen 4.6 million euros per vehicle over its life cycle.

“I have long struggled to understand the logic of expending this much time and effort on a Bugatti-branded product.

I totally get the point of building the world’s fastest car — it pushes the engineering boundaries, motivates the company and can be an image booster. But the image-boosting part is lost when it carries a brand that 95 percent of people don’t know is part of VW.”

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