Ubuntu Edge Idea is Still Popular, But is a Release Possible?

Have you heard the legend about the Ubuntu Edge? The device which was meant to be the most powerful phone of its time on the planet, but eventually failed to develop, probably because of the financial reasons. Today, we will remind you of that story, with a hope that this beautiful phone might see the daylight sometime in the future.

ubuntu edge

Way back in 2013, Canonical revealed that they’re working on a new type of smartphone, an extremely powerful device that will feature the best components available at the time.

This big project attracted a lot of people, and they are still wondering will it ever be finished.  Canonical’s crowdfunding campaign aimed high to rise $32 million, but it only managed to get $12.8 million.

But even with less than half of needed funds, this project is still one of the most successful crowfunding campaigns ever.

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After the campaign’s failure to gather enough funds, Canonical’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth has been asked a numerous times if the production of Ubuntu Edge will be stopped. He in fact never approved it, as he eventually said:

“All of the support and publicity has continued to drive our discussions with some major manufacturers.” So there’s still a chance for this device to see the daylight.

Some time after this interview, Mark eventually said that Edge wouldn’t happen, and that the company will either focus its funds to the development of the upcoming Ubuntu Touch, than making a whole new device.

But although its existence will probably never happen, Ubuntu Edge is a very desired phone, and a lot of people still talk about it.

The main reason for the popularity of this device is the fact that it would offer the best hardware that could be found at the time, for much lower price that its mainstream competition.

The phone would offer a quad-core processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and internal storage of 128GB, so it would be more powerful than some ‘low-class’ computers.

The case was supposed to be made of an amorphous metal, and the silicon-anode Li-Ion battery was the most powerful battery of that time, and is still experimental today, and the screen is supposed to be built from the pure sapphire glass.

Canonical proved themselves to be different from companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and all the rest, because they had customers in their mind, and not just the immediate profit.

Just because it was exciting, beautiful and captured the imagination of its customers, Ubuntu Edge was very desired device, and it’s a sure thing that people still want it.

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