Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Touch Smartphone to be Released Before 2015

Ubuntu will finally enter the ocean of mobile operating systems with its Ubuntu Touch, before the end of the year. So as Meizu and Canonical announced their partnership earlier this year, we know that the first phone powered by the Ubuntu Touch will be Meizu’s MX4 model.

meizu mx4 ubuntu

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Meizu’s MX4 flagship has been released last month, and the device became pretty much popular for a very short time. And the popularity of the device seems to be justified by Meizu, because they have an interesting software offering.

As Meizu announced their partnership with Bq and Canonical some time ago, we should expect to see Ubuntu on Meizu’s devices very soon.

Meizu Italian blog announced that Ubuntu Touch system will launch on Meizu MX4 before the end of the year, probably sometime in December. Ubuntu developers are working hard on promoting an RTM version of this system and it looks like they’re very close.

We’ve already seen Ubuntu tried Nexus devices and it is still available for select Google devices. Meizu MX4 will definitely be a great device for the development of Ubuntu Touch, because the both side have a chance to grow together.

“Under the request of some fans that have contacted Canonical, they assured us that from December would be available on Ubuntu Touch Meizu MX4 with MediaTek SoC MT 6595.

Still no details regarding the variant ‘pro’ of the device, which should be announced in the coming weeks, but we feel pretty confident in saying that the OS will be developed for it, with the timing probably a little more dilated.” says Meizu Italian blog.

It is well known that it is very hard for a ‘fresh’ operating system to catch on, because of the domination of Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but Ubuntu Touch might look for its chance in the popularity of the desktop version of the system.

Many people around the world are using Ubuntu, and they’re very satisfied with it. Of course it can’t be compared to giants such as Windows and Mac, but it that wasn’t even Ubuntu’s purpose in the first place.

So, what are your thoughts about the upcoming OS, will you use it in your phone? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. As a very happy Ubuntu user, it’s definitely a phone that would suit me — the same security issues, set up, updates would apply. Count me in.

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