Surface Pro 3 WiFi Problems Still Present After Firmware Update

Microsoft tried to improve the reported issues with wi-fi connection with this month’s Patch Tuesday firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, but it looks like the problems are still here, as some users have reported that old issues can still be spotted on their devices.


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Although Microsoft didn’t provide any specific solution, some users are recommending users who still have the same issues to contact the technical support service and ask for a replacement.

Reportedly, the firmware version of the software running on each tablet had some issues, more precisely, users had some problems in connecting to their wi-fi networks. So naturally, an update should solve the problem and help users to connect to their wi-fi networks and browse the internet without any problems.

But surprisingly, these problems are still present even after a series of updates. So this caused a lot of users who are still getting this problems to call for Microsoft to fix it once for all. Once again, this is a big surprise, because Microsoft’s engineers should know how to fix it from the past bugs experience, from their previous models.

“My SP2 was also rife with issues. First one had a touch screen problem where the capacitive windows button would activate randomly, especially when pushing the volume buttons (which is a shortcut for either taking a screenshot or turning on voice narration, depending on which volume button you press).

Second SP2 had SSD corruption and SMART errors. I upgraded to the SP3 to avoid this and here I find that the problems are even worse,” one user posted.

There are still no official advices of how users themselves should solve this problem, but some users who claim that they solved it recommend to toggle airplane mode on and once again off, because this temporarily restores the internet access.

As for the another firmware update, Microsoft pans to release another version of the system at next month’s Patch Tuesday, but after all these updates, we still can’t guarantee that this one would bring the solution to all problems.

This is definitely unacceptable, because the Surface Pro is quite an expensive tablet, the top-of-the-range tablet can be purchased in the United States for no less than $1,950 (€1,500), so you definitely should get all-working device for that amount of money.

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