Google Play Newsstand App for Android Revamped With a New Look

Almost a year ago, Google launched the Newsstand app for digital readers and the app will be receiving its biggest makeover since the original introduction. Just announced, the new look will slowly make its way to millions of Android users all over the world.

google play newsstand update


Mussie Shore, group product manager for Google Play Newsstand, wrote the following in a blog post, informing of the redesign of the app for Android users:

“In the past, print magazines have been hard to read on a small screen, zooming in and out to skim an article. But now you’ll see a list of articles from the magazine that you can toggle through and easily read with big images right on your phone.”

The Newsstand service offers access to digital versions of your favorite print magazines and content from across the Web on subjects like sports, science, cooking, entertainment, and more. The product manager added:

“Play Newsstand puts the news you care about front and center with big images that jump off the screen. Google also added new topic cards in the Explore section so you can subscribe to things you’re into — like veganism, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars. Subscribing will give you a “personalized and up-to-date reading experience on your passions and interests.”

Speed improvements have been deployed, as well, which means the app will run and operate much faster. At the moment, the Google Play Newsstand app is available in more than 40 countries and will roll out to all users over the next week.

It was also noted that the new Play Newsstand app for Android pulls from Google’s material design with bigger images, more contextual headers and smoother transitions. The functionality of the app has been improved as well:

“You can swipe left and right between topics, and swipe up and down to dive more deeply into a particular topic. Play Newsstand puts the news you care about front and center with big images that jump off the screen.”

In the updated Newsstand app, topics will deliver a personalized and up to date reading experience. There are also more than 2,000 free and paid, full length publications.

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