Check Driveclub Release Date for PS 4 Along with the List of Compatible Wheels

One amazing car racing game for PlayStation 4 is just a couple of days away from its release. Highly anticipated Driveclub will be released in a couple of days, and also, its developer announced a list of driving wheels compatible with this game.


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A couple of days ago, Sony revealed a list of third party wheels which are compatible with the upcoming PS4 racing game, Driveclub. The game is set to be released on October 7, and it will probably be available only on PlayStation 4.

Because at this time, the game hasn’t been confirmed for other consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 3. The Evolution Studios community development manager, Jamie Brayshaw mentioned in his blog post on the PlayStation 4 blog that the developer hopes to add support to even more third party wheels in the future.

Some of the wheels that Driveclub supports are Thrustmaster T80, Thrustmaster T300RS and Thrustmaster T500. Brayshaw claimed that Evolution worked very  close with Thundermaster, in order to test the compatibility of the wheels, and it turned out that they’re perfectly tuned for the game.

“In fact, we’ve actually spent time with pro drivers recently and we got to see what they could do behind the wheel of a Thrustmater T300RS in Driveclub! It was epic to see Sebastian Loeb acing almost every corner of an epic downhill point-to-point route set in Canada – and set one of the fastest lap times we’ve ever seen – on his first go,” she added.

Also, Paul Rustchynsky from Evolution Studios said in an interview with VentureBeat that the game will have a superior handling and a variety of customizations for the players to make on their vehicles.

As Paul also said, the superior handling feature will be the main reason why the players will decide to buy Driveclub, instead of other similar car racing games, including Project CARS.

He also mentioned some of the customization techniques players will be able to apply on their vehicles, and they include paint change and some customizations of the designs.

There are not going to be any tuning option for the playable vehicles, as Paul said that the developer wants to give everyone an even playing field.

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