Microsoft Office Alternative LibreOffice Reaches Version 4.3.2 – What’s New

The Document Foundation has announced that LibreOffice has been updated to version 4.3.2 which is now available for download. Let’s have a quick look at the new features in this popular Microsoft Office alternative.

libre office updated

A new stable build in the 4.3.x version of LibreOffice has been released, which marks the fourth anniversary of the project. LibreOffice has become for many the most used Microsoft Office alternative, with a growing number of users every year.

Here’s how the official announcement sounds like:

“The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.3.2, the second minor release of LibreOffice 4.3 ‘fresh’ family. Most of the over 80 fixes focus on interoperability issues when reading or writing Microsoft Office DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.”

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“LibreOffice 4.3.2 hits the marketplace just before the fourth anniversary of the project on Sunday, September 28, 2014.

The community has been growing for the past 48 months, attracting at least three new developers per month plus a larger number of volunteers active in localization, QA and other areas such as marketing and development of local communities”

The Document Foundation provides files for all the major platforms out there, so it will work on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, as the software is released as open source.

LibreOffice offers a full set of office applications, including database, drawing package and mathematical tool on top of the requisite word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool found in most free office suites.

Let’s have a look at the newest features:

General: Updated Tango icon set, preview of all file types in Start Center; improved PDF import and OOXML support
Writer: Raise limit of characters in paragraphs; moved Navigation buttons; proportional image scaling by default
Calc: Expanded formula engine
Impress and Draw: Fit slide to window button; support for 3D modelling in Impress
General: Improved performance when sorting large data sets and importing OOXML documents with lots of relations

Go ahead and follow this link to download the latest version of LibreOffice on your Windows, Linux or Mac machine.

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