Mazda RX-7 to Get Released in 2016, Rumors Say

Officially, there are “no concrete plans” about the new Mazda RX-7, but privately, executives say that the car and its new rotary engine are under development and that they are included Mazda’s long term plans. This information comes from the Tokyo Show, where it was announced that Mazda will release ‘five new cars by the end of FY [financial year] 2016’.


The design of the RX-7 will stay simple, just as the new MX-5. Sources close to Mazda claim that the RX-7 will have advanced design, but the final shape has yet to be ready and revealed. Designer Ikuo Maed is a chief designer of the vehicle, his father was a head of design of the original RX-7 in the 1970s.

Maeda says he doesn’t “yet know what a new coupé should look like”. But he jokes: “I want it built before I retire!” The Mazda RX-7’s new rotary engine is supposed to be manufactured as a normally aspirated unit.

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Mazda recently showed a new, compact 330cc single-chamber rotary engine at a Tokyo technical showcase that showed a Mazda 2 EV with a rotary range extender.

A production of the RX-7 will probably include a conventional powertrain to keep costs low. But, according to global marketing chief, Masahiro Moro, finding the business case for a new coupé  won’t be an easy task.

“I just don’t see the right numbers in the equation yet,” he said. On the other hand, as Mazda continues to develop the rotary engine, the RX-7 engine’s capacity will probably be more conventional, possibly about 600cc per rotor, a little bit smaller than the RX-8’s 654cc-per-rotor unit.

Mazda still has to decide whether the RX-7 engine will be a twin or a triple-rotor, but some sources believe that a twin-rotor engine is more real option.

Some sources also believe that the power won’t be above 300bhp, more precisely, about 250bhp is expected. Compared to its potential rivals, Toyota GT-86 and Nissan 370Z, the new RX-7 will probably build its base on combining a relatively low power output and a lightweight chassis.

The RX-7 will be powered by its lightweight rotary engine, which typically has a higher power density other units from its class.

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