Apple iPad Air vs iPad Mini 2: Which is the best Tablet for Users in Entry Level Markets?

Apple has been a dream device for many people, but after making one’s mind for buying an iPad, the next step is to decide on what model of iPad one should opt for. This could indeed be a very tough and mind blowing experience as two models of iPad have been launched this year.

The new iPad Air and iPad Mini are similar in a number of ways except for few minor differentiations only. Let us discuss their integral features in this article, so that people would attain a clear view on which model to choose.

Apple 2013 consists of four different iPad models in the lineup namely the iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad Mini and the Retina iPad Mini. Both the iPad air and iPad mini have storage options that line up as 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The iPad is available with Wi-Fi and Cellular models offering an array of possibilities for the users. Both these devices are afforded at a starting price of $399.

Apple iPad Air:

Apple iPad Air

Its weight and its slimness are its significant features that have awarded many fans for the device. The iPad air is just one pound, which is much lesser than 1.44 pounds of the fourth generation iPad devices. The device measures extremely thin at 0.29 inches which is at least 20% slimmer build compared with its counterparts. Apple has indeed managed to decrease the weight of its hardware to half a pound with all specs kept intact. The device is pretty comfortable to hold in one hand and to operate as well.

Hardware Performance:

The iPad Air is incorporated with an A7 chip that enhances its speed to at least 8 times, though it is the same 64 bit chip that powered the iPhone 5S. The iPad Air is also featured with a motion co-processor that promises graphics at twice the speed of its predecessors. Its graphics are 72 times faster than the original iPad and features the best wireless technology ever in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Camera and Battery life:

Though iPad are not meant to capture photographs, if one wishes the device has a 5 MP camera on its rear end that captures the best photographs even with low light. Video chatters are found at its front end to offer larger pixels on images to get them look clear and better. The device is afforded with dual microphones to help capture the best sound. Apple features its iPad with a 32.4 watt hour rechargeable lithium battery that promises a battery life of up to ten hours.

Apple iPad Mini 2:

Apple iPad Mini 2

This iPad is still the basic and compact design compared with other iPad ranges from apple and the current model incorporates a flat back, thin bezels and a metal and glass look. It is a little heavier and thicker than the previous models to support its enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity. Its screen is about 7 inches and is offered with a resolution of 1080 pixels. The Retina mini tab has a 64 bit processor similar to iPhone 5S and the iPad Air and has an M7 co-processor that helps in tracking motions. This processor also decreases strain on the battery and it features a better front facing camera and enhanced LTC connectivity. Its look and feel is similar to iPhone 5S, but it lacks the fingerprint sensor.


This is surely not a budget tablet and is priced at $399 for 12 GB internal storage. It has been designed in a way to cater to a number of tasks that perform on par with larger sized iPad and its retina display makes the device a better e-reader, photo viewer and a web browser. It is priced $100 lesser than the iPad Air though it features the same specs and battery life.

iPad Air or Retina Mini?

The iPad Mini device is afforded at a starting cost of $299 getting it the name of the cheapest ever iPad ever. The iPad Air starts at $499. This is a considerable different upfront and lies in the hands of the user to choose the exact model based on its price point. For people whose biggest consideration is not money, and then they could opt for iPad air for its enhancing features and cost actualization.

On what other basis could you differentiate between the two devices? Perhaps their screen size could be a factor. But there are a range of windows and android powered tablets in the market that could offer most of the features at a lower cost. The difference lies in the fact that an iPad would feature an iOS that has relative advantages over the applications ecosystem.

iPad Air would be available in the market from November 1 while the Mini may not get launched until later in the month. The mini is perceived to have a better value and advantage over the latter for its storage and performance protocols. It has no drawback at all when compared to the air, other than the fact that it is a little smaller to look.

Which iPad to choose? iPad Air or iPad Mini?

The iPad mini features retina display and has new and updated specs, while looks as a priority compared with the Apple iPad Air. If someone opts to pay $100 more for a larger screen then it is wise to invest in the iPad mini with retina display. iPad Air is available in silver and white and grey and black color combinations and is available with Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular model.

People who are looking to replace their laptops would be comfortable with the Air as its keyboard cases are is the best device across the board. It also offers the best actualization for one’s money. Both the iPad devices are expected to get launched sooner or later in November and the waiting time would not be a botheration now for experts waiting to explore and review the gadgets.


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