Choosing the Right Tablet or eReader

The market continues to see new additions to the tablet and eReader product selection. While initially, only a few tablets existed, dozens of options can be found today. Finding the right one for you depends on a number of factors. Here’s what you will want to consider as you prepare to make your selection.

Consider What You Want to Do with the Tablet

You can find tablets and eReaders that will do just about anything from basic tasks to perform computations almost on par with a high powered laptop. But obviously, that increase in processing speed and capabilities comes with a sharp increase in price. Finding the right tablet or eReader requires that you consider how you want to use it. Make a list. Having this list on hand will help you remember when you go to the store. In particular, note whether you will be using it for business, work, or personal tasks. You will also want to pay particular attention to how much gaming, movie watching, and media sourcing you plan to use it for; these three things will significantly alter the kind of processor and memory you will need.

Pick an Operating System

The operating system choice on a tablet or an eReader is one of the most important things that you will choose. While some efforts are underway to make apps interchangeable across platforms, this hasn’t happened in all cases. The Android tablet, for instance, is not compatible with apps that are prepared for the iPad market. While some app developers have apps that are available for all tablets and eReaders, this is because they have developed apps specifically for those different platforms.

Each tablet is somewhat different. However, the general wisdom is that a Windows or Android tablet is the way to go if you want a multifunction tablet or eReader that will allow you to get a lot done. Android 3.0 systems, also known as Honeycomb, and higher are excellent for any type of document processing, spreadsheet computations, and the like. The iPad iOS platform, on the other hand, is considered one of the best choices for general gaming and media, although the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Motorola Xoom have started to break into that market.

Look at What You Can Handle

The other thing that you must check when considering the right tablet or eReader is what you can handle. You will need to look at what you can afford. Tablets and eReaders are bad items to go into debt over. You will quickly pay more than they are worth in the interest alone since tablets and eReaders tend to depreciate. However, you will also want to consider what size tablet works best for you and feels comfortable in your hands. Whenever possible, you will want to handle the model or one that is similar to it before you make your final purchase. You may find that some types of tablets are simply easier for you to work with than others, and that convenience is worth remembering.

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