Now book hotels in India using Google’s Hotel Finder

Google has more than a few services out on the web, last year, the company entered the hospitality business by introducing a new service called ‘Google Hotel Finder’, as the name suggests it shows hotels available in the region you are visiting, right on the homepage.

This tool from the search engine giant was first introduced in US and European countries and it has now arrived in the Indian market.

This tool is extremely simple to use and yet quite powerful. Users can find, compare and book hotel rooms based on the price, location and user ratings. Clicking on a hotel takes the user to a page which shows the user reviews, photos, location on Google Maps and the websites where the user can make a reservation of his/her stay.

Frequent travelers as well as travel agencies can make great use of this Google service as it integrates all the data tight at one place. This enables a simple booking process for travelers as opposed to checking every website individually to check of the best prices and the availability of rooms.

Source: Google Hotel Finder

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