6 Awesome Indie Games from 2013 for Mac

When I use my MacBook Pro, games are the last thing that I think about. It is usually used for my work, watching movies, listening to music and procrastinating online when I am away form home. I don’t play games when traveling.

With the motherboard being serviced, I don’t have a working PC and hence I have taken refuge with the Mac for gaming. These are some awesome indie games available for the OS X platform.

Gone Home

Gone Home |Developer Website|

This is a game developed by The Fullbright Company which takes you through an interesting story and many times freaks you out. The latter is the best part of the game. It tells the story of a missing sister and vanishing items from the house. As a young woman now back from college, you go through most of the things from your former (now empty) house and try to figure out whats been happening. The game has some amazing storytelling and it is really easy to control, it is a must try if you love indie games.

Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero|Developer Website|

Another entertaining game and this one is developed by these guys called Cardboard Computer. Along with an awesome name for the company these guys have come up with an excellent game, which is all story. It pulls you in with its amazing story telling, which is revealed by the player as he progresses in the game. In Kentucky Route Zero you play as a truck driver who works as the delivery guy for an antique shop owner. You get lost, you try to find your way back on the road but while doing so come across different characters and their stories. Although it has a minimalistic design it looks and plays great.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

A Machine for Pigs|Developer Website|

The game which terrified many across the world and was one the reasons for many sleepless night is back. Successor to the famous Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this game begins it the home of Oswald Mandus, a simple man who wakes up to discover that his children are missing, his memory has gone nuts and is hearing a some crazy things. Just like the predecessor, even this game has successful managed to scare the crap out of me. I wont spoil it for you and rather suggest you to get this game and freak yourself out.

Papers Please

Papers Please|Developer Website|

This is my most favorite indie game ever. It is developed by this awesome guy called Lucas Pope, who has managed to develop this incredibly addictive game.

What is it?

It is a Dystopian Document Thriller.

It takes place after a six years long war Arstotzka and Kolechia. You work as an immigration officer and inspect the people entering the country from the Grestin border. It is not just about looking for permission, checking legal documents and stamping passwords. As while you do this an interesting story reveals itself which ends in different possibilities.

The Inner World

The Inner World|Developer Website|

This one is a hand-drawn adventure game where you solve different puzzles which can get extremely challenging but are fun at the same time. You play as Robert and Laura in the world of Asposia. It has a twisted world full of weird characters. Developed by Studio Fizbin, this game has beautiful art design and is set in an immersive world. A must if you love adventure games.

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns|Developer Website|

Delivers an amazing RPG experience, Harebrained Schemes, the developers of this game have done an excellent job. This is a tactical role-playing game based set in a futuristic fantasy world where the player assumes the role of a shadowrunner. Based on the Shadowrun universe, the game has an amazing plot, different roles to choose from, simple character customization options and the best part is that it supports mods.

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