Skully P1 HUD is an Android powered Helmet with a HUD and Rear View display

A new innovative motorcycle helmet has been unveiled last week and it comes by the guys at Skully Helmets. It is called the Skully P1 and this helmet has been equipped with a badass heads up display, along with a rear view monitor, this is all powered by a custom version of Google Android operating system.

This custom built Android version on the Skully P1 helmet also provides voice controlled augmented reality, allowing users to query information with the system and with a virtual personal assistant type tailored response it either displays information on the heads up display or by speech depending on the users preference.

The features on can access using the Skully P1 helmets voice recognition system includes the ability to ask for directions, map locations, control music as well as request a weather forecast. The helmet will also notify the users on incoming calls and messages.

Skully-P1 Skully Helmets the company behind this innovative next-generation helmet is currently accepting applications for beta testers and it will hopefully launch this awesome helmet sometime next year.

At the moment no information regarding the pricing has been revealed, but do expect it to have a premium price tag considering all of its nifty features. For more information on the Skully P1 helmet and to sign-up for the beta testing development stage you can head over to the company’s website for details.

Source: Android Community

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