Windows Phone achieves 15% market share in Thailand

Well we all know about Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but most of use choose to use Android or iOS devices. Expect of course one likes to use Nokia, then they use Windows Phone smartphones.

Windows Phone does not really have a great market share when we talk about the global market. But things seem to be getting brighter for Microsoft as it is gaining some momentum in a few market.

Microsoft’s International President has revealed that the Windows Phone platform has achieved a 15 percent market share in Thailand, in just little over a year. About 15 months ago the Windows Phone market share in Thailand was just around 2-3 percent, and this huge jump is certainly a good thing for Microsoft.

According to Jean-Philippe Courtois,

“In Thailand, it is about 15 per cent [of the market] and in some Latin American countries such as Mexico they are going beyond 20 per cent – and in Finland it is over 30 per cent. Some of the larger European countries like the UK, France, Spain and Italy are now all 10 per cent. Again, we came from nowhere just a few years ago and, yes, we have ambitions to grow our market share and make the market more balanced, which is healthy for customers.”

iOS and Android do not have to worry about this at the time, but the Windows Phone market is certainly growing and things look good for the company which recently acquired the Finnish mobile maker Nokia.

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