Apps crash more often on iPhone 5S than on iPhone 5C and iPhone 5

It is very unlikely that any new operating system, be it for mobiles or for computers come without bugs and issues during launch. It is the same story with the new iOS 7 from Apple. We have seen quite a few bugs being reported since it went public on September 18th.

Now, a new study conducted by Crittercism a mobile application management platform, states that apps are more likely to crash on the new iPhone 5S when compared to the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5. The app crash rate is 2 percent iPhone 5S and just one percent on the iPhone 5 and 5C.

The new generation iPhone 5S might be facing such an issue as it comes with some new hardware. Unlike the new iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S is equipped with a A7 64-bit processor and for apps to efficiently work with the device, developers need to make some changes to the drivers and the code of their applications. The new iPhone 5S was not available during the time when iOS 7 was in its beta stage and hence, developers were not able to test the applications.

“The good news is that Apple is certainly aware of issues,” said Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy. “They’ve pushed out two iOS updates for iOS 7 … Apple is doing a really good job of addressing these issues as they come up.”

Source: AllThingsD

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